State of Cloud Entitlements Report

Prepared by CloudKnox, a permissions management platform for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure

of identities use
less than 5% of permissions granted

of permissions are

of machine identities
are over-permissioned

growth in identities
accessing cloud services

Findings Across Cloud Infrastructures

CloudKnox Security collected data from over 150 risk assessments covering the 4 main public cloud infrastructures - AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and VMware vSphere; and discovered that more than 90% of identities are using less than 5% of permissions granted. Additionally, 20,000+ of these permissions are high-risk.

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Why You Should Care About the State of Cloud Entitlements

There are many driving factors for organizations to migrate to or be built in the cloud.

Regardless of where an enterprise is in their cloud migration process, it is important to implement proper cloud infrastructure security, or else you're leaving your cloud environment a wide-open attack surface.

In the State of Cloud Entitlements Report you will learn:

  • Multiple ways to help organizations reach Zero Trust

  • Ways to automate the rightsizing of permissions across your public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment

  • The need for a new approach: Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)