Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

A new approach to help you achieve least privilege at cloud scale

One bad human identity. One poorly configured firewall. One machine identity with excessive high-risk permissions. Three commands.

That’s all it took to expose the personal data of millions of customers of a major US-based bank in a widely reported 2019 security breach. The breach, which led to fines of over $80 million to the institution, resulted from a hacker that took advantage of an over-permissioned AWS role, which in this case included the ability to discover and exfiltrate personal identifying information.

The proper Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) platform can prevent your organization from experiencing a similar breach. 

What CIEM Solves

  • Lack of visibility into permissions granted and used (Permissions Gap)
  • Enforce least privilege policies across all identities
  • Provide Privileged Access on-demand


  • Comprehensive visibility into identity and resource Permissions Gap
  • Cross-Account Access visualization
  • Automatically Remediate over-permissioned identities (user, role, group, resource) to create least privileged roles/policies
  • Deliver Permissions-on-Demand & Just-in-Time Permissions which are time and resource bound

CloudKnox: An Award-Winning Solution 

CloudKnox Security is highly recognized in the cybersecurity industry with multiple awards and patents for our innovative approach to cloud infrastructure security.

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